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Providing scholarships for the bright but needy, and caring for the aged

Who We Are

Primus Foundation provides monetary assistance to needy but brilliant kids in underprivileged situations to enable them complete basic education. We’re also engaged in extending healthcare to the aged. We partner with interested stakeholders to organise events and activities periodically to raise funds for the needy in diverse ways.


McDan Tennis Training Matches Tournament
Primus Foundation was one of the major sponsors of the McDan Tennis Training Matches tournament in October 2020. The games were organised in a knockout format featuring adult and youth teams. The McDan Tennis Training Matches Tournament saw fun competition and a great display of athletic skill and sportsmanship. Primus Foundation was honoured to be associated with this event as we have keen interest in activities that will develop talents in the youths of this country.

A participant being honoured

A shot of the events grounds

A participant receives her award

An awardee shows off his trophy

A young participant at the event

More awards given out to participants

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